What is the Advanced Market Analysis?

Real-time and historical information enabling you to spot patterns and trends, and giving you confidence in your trading decisions.

We have teamed up with TRADING CENTRAL to offer Comaoptions account holders access to their advanced market analysis alerts. These alerts provide you with an additional layer of intelligence to inform your Forex/CFD trading decisions. Take advantage of this service by opening your account today and contacting your account manager.

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What do I get from TRADING CENTRAL’s Advanced Market Analysis?

TRADING CENTRAL’s database contains over 8,000 assets, including stocks, commodities and Forex pairings most commonly traded in Forex/CFD. The analysis provides data and commentary on each asset. Alerts notify you when the asset you are interested in is updated. Never miss the opportunity for a Forex/CFD trade again.

Technical analysis reports

Look up today's and previous days' price report, receive analysis and technical alert signals, including bullish and bearish statuses (based on the previous day's trading).


Indicators provide information used to create ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals. Indicators can also tell you whether you should watch an asset more closely. Oscillators may tell you whether a price is about to change direction.

Japanese candlestick signals

Based on the opening, closing, high and low market prices of an asset during the previous day’s trading. Japanese candlestick charts show whether an asset is bullish or bearish.